Molester of the Realm

Sample of Rape Myth Acceptance Scale


From Table 1 it can be seen that many of the men, at least sometime in their life, had

employed forceful or exploitative tactics to gain sexual access. A majority

of the men admitted to using drugs or alcohol (75%) or verbal manipulation

(69%) in order to have sex with a date. Over 40% of the men admitted

using anger expression (46%) or angry rejection (43%) to induce an

unwilling woman to have sex. A minority of the men have threatened

to use force (13%) or used force (20%) to have sex with an unwilling


Table 2 presents the correlation coefficients between scores on the Hypermasculinity Inventory and factor scales of the Aggressive Sexual Behavior Inventory. The pattern of significant positive correlations supported the hypothesized relationship between the macho personality constellation and aggressive sexual behavior. In particular, it is the Calloused Sex Attitudes (r(173) = 53) subscale of the Hypermasculinity Inventory, rather than Violence as Manly (r(173)=.23) or Danger as Exciting (r(173) = .26) subscales, which accounts for most of the variance in sexually aggressive behavior among college men.