Very Superstitious

National Survey of Adolescents

Protecting the Next Generation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Survey of Women Aged 15-49 in Kenya, Nigeria, and Senegal

Belief in Family Planning Myths at the Individual And Community Levels and Modern Contraceptive Use in Urban Africa

State of Sexual Education in Kenya

SCHOOL‐BASED SEXUALITY EDUCATION PROGRAMMES: A Cost and Cost‐Effectiveness Analysis in Six Countries

Myth Origins

Virgin Martyrs

Roots of Virgin Martyr Myth

HIV is Caused by Witchcraft

AIDS, Witchcraft, and the Problem of Power in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Sources of Misperceptions About Contraceptives

Countering myths and misperceptions about contraceptives

The Role of Social Networks in Contributing to Sexual Health Misinformation

The Buzz Outside the Clinics: Conversations and Contraception in Nyanza Province, Kenya

The Role of Traditional Healers in Spreading Sexual Health Misinformation

Staging sex myths to save Zimbabwe’s girls

How to Debunk Myths

The Debunking Handbook

Developmental Indicators in Sub-Saharan Africa

HIV/AIDS Prevalence and Incidence

Birth Rates

Infant Mortality