Why do teens do stupid things?  What’s the relationship between your personality and your sex fantasies?  Why does Joffrey Baratheon have such a massive stick up his ass?  Often, we ask questions about what we see going on around us, but tire out easily looking for answers.  Even when we do find the answers we’re looking for, they often only tell part of the story.  Painting the picture in its entirety requires more digging, hence the name Rabbit Holes.  You’ve got questions (that you maybe didn’t know you had), and I do my best to find the answers–though in the process, I often end up with more questions about that first set of answers.  
With an informational aim of an explainer, and a “choose your own adventure” structure modeled loosely after Goosebumps books, Rabbit Holes is designed to let you explore as much or as little of a subject as tickles your fancy.  Though we have no pills to offer you, we invite you–as Morpheus did 20 years ago–to see just how deep the Rabbit Hole goes.